Create an online store with Rails

July 3, 2020


I was planning to create an online store using PayPal payments. Because, I think it is simpler than using a credit card payment. But while I was searching for a way to use PayPal api in Rails, I found it ‘PAY.JP’. So I’m going to try this.

Make Blog

When I searched on Google to “create blog ruby on rails”, the result was the command rails g scaffold some parameters. Then, what is a “scaffold”? And what does “g” mean?


“g”is alias of “generate”. The rails generate command uses templates to create a whole lot of things.


Scaffolding in Ruby on Rails refers to the auto generation of a simple set of a model, views and controller usually for a single table.

Then let’s do it now.

rails generate scaffold post title:string body:text
rails generate scaffold comment post_id:integer body:text
rake db:migrate
rake routes
rails server

* rake

Rake is Ruby Make, a standalone Ruby utility that replaces the Unix utility ‘make’, and uses a ‘Rakefile’ and .rake files to build up a list of tasks.

Several files are created after execution. Files

Check the result on the ‘localhost:3000/posts’, it looks like this: Posts And I can make new post. New Success creating. Success It is posted. Posted


It has two plans. Plans Among them, the basic plan with a monthly payment of 0 yen caught my heart.

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